Mission Statement and Values

Company Statement

At Los Cerros Limited we are committed to developing the Company into a world class exploration and mining company with a dedication to, and respect for, the environment, a strong commitment to safety for all our employees, promoting sustainable development of those communities within which we operate, exercise labour practices that respect the culture and diversity of our employees, and the commitment to act with utmost integrity, honesty and in good faith.

Our Business (Mission)

We are an Australian exploration and mining company, listed on stock exchanges in Sydney (ASX).

We are committed to explore, develop and operate mining projects within world class mineral provinces, with a focus on copper and gold.

We are committed to the use of advanced technology, and application of industry best practice, in evaluating and developing projects in order to maximise economic value.

Our Commitment (Values)

To maximise returns for our shareholders.

To perform in a responsible and efficient manner in the conduct of our work systems and procedures.

To actively engage with all of our stakeholders with a focus on sustainable development.

To promote industry best practice, occupational health and safety among our workers and business partners, permanently controlling the risks inherent in our operations. We will comply with applicable laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate.

To promote the ongoing care and protection of the environment within which we operate throughout the life of a project, from exploration through to the decommissioning phase of an operation.

To encourage our suppliers and partners to become part of our commitment to safety, quality, the environment and to develop a strong social conscience within the communities in which we operate.

We acknowledge that our people are our greatest asset, and are thus committed to providing a decent and safe work environment, offering opportunity for personal and professional development, and promoting self-protection, austerity, ethics, integrity and honesty.


Vision To grow shareholder value through exploration, development and mining with a focus on copper and gold.
Mission To identify and/or acquire projects within world class mineral provinces and to explore, develop and mine on a cost effective and innovative basis to realise superior shareholder value.
  • Safety - conduct of operations
  • Responsibility - environment & stakeholders
  • Honesty - fairness, integrity, transparency
  • Respect - trust, respect & dignity
  • Innovation - ecourage innovation and entrepenuership
  • Delivery - do what we say we will do
Goal To produce gold and copper at operating margins that ensure the long-term viability of the Company's operating assets.